Sagacity Media Ltd and the Cyber Senate Founder “We believe by serving our respective industries they in turn will serve us. We are dedicated to developing long term relationships that drive business growth and working hand in hand in with the global decision makers that influence business transformation.”

Sagacity Media Ltd and its Cyber Senate division is an independent, content driven event organiser based in the United Kingdom. We deliver high level networking conferences, training courses, directors clubs, as well as a developing portfolio of next generation media platforms. With over 14 years of B2B events expertise, we bring a passion and a more modern multichannel “next generation approach” to our events.

Our vision is simple: Content is king. Our mission is to deliver the most informative networking platforms in the industry, whilst maintaining a cutting edge in both understanding how our audience’s are consuming media, and how we can deliver the highest value content both on and offline.

If you share our passion, we would be pleased to hear from you, whether its ideas for events, speaking opportunities or you wish to partner with us on our forthcoming shows,


James Nesbitt
Founder and Programme Director

US Team:
Patricia Colbert, Client Relations North America
Kimberly Sax, Client Relations North America

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