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This was the best conference focused on Cybersecurity that I’ve been to since last year’s Cyber Senate ICS Cybersecurity conference. The material and sessions were relevant and resonated with the audience. The addition of DHS, NERC and OT speakers provided much needed context for trends in critical infrastructure security. Ayman Al-Issa’s pre-conference message was also on target. I would highly recommend future Cyber Senate events to any asset owners that want information and introduction to technologies that can assist with both compliance and risk-based defensive strategies.

Mark Trump, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant | Critical Infrastructure | ICS | SCADA | LION |, BAE SYSTEMS APPLIED INTELLIGENCE

Great event and excellent to see ‘Asset Information’ in the title of a conference which marks a significant shift in the way major infrastructure organsations have been thinking for the last few years – I predict twice the number of subscribers for next years conference.”
Ross Dentten, Asset information and Configuration Manager, Crossrail

I was reflecting on the day on the train back and have to say it was an excellent event and I wish you all the best with the efforts. There is a huge potential and I commend you for booking good speakers.. I have made recommendations to my security colleagues that this is one to look out for as one with better structure and content than other conferences.

Henrik Magnusson -Enterprise Architect, SSE, Scottish and Southern Energy

“A great job organizing an event that is distinct from other cyber security events I have been to! I will definitely come to the next one.” Privacy & Security advisor | Governance, Risk & Compliance

I agree with you about the different approach of the current CBTC conference and I like Sagacity Media’s approach (from engineering/implementation perspective) more than other CBTC events, last March was absolutely inspiring!

Rob de Vries, ProSpoor

The  various topics were meaningful and I praise you for gathering the SMEs to present. It was good to hear the open dialogue and injection of questions and comments. Making in roads to IT and OT discussing their concerns at the conference should go far to opening up more avenues to collaborate. I really enjoyed the conference and wish you success in future efforts.
Information Security Manager at Metropolitan Water District of So. CA, Cheyrl Santor

“I was really surprised about the huge presence of utility persons at the Industrial Control Cyber Security Europe event. Jamison has done a great job organizing an event that distinct from other cyber security events I have been to! I will definitely come to the next one.”
Johan Rambi, Privacy & Security advisor |  Governance, Risk & Compliance

“I cannot tell you how valuable this has been, how rewarding and and how much I have learned over the past two days, it has been fantastic and thank you so much for inviting us”-
Water Utility, City and County of San Francisco

“Thanks so much for the work you put into the US show and providing the quality of presenters and material. I think as long as we can keep up the momentum, awareness, education and drive forward, great things are going to happen.”
– BAE Applied Intelligence Headline Sponsors

“A radical shift in infrastructure thinking” – Crossrail

“A practical and inspiring conference” – ProRail

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