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The Cyber Senate announce Rail Cyber Security Working Group in London

The acceleration of the European digital railway introduces vulnerabilities to an infrastructure historically isolated from cyber attacks. The rail industry and its ecosystem now have an even greater responsibility to ensure the safety and security of the network, and will need to learn how to adapt and mitigate evolving threats quickly.

Following on from the Cyber Senate Rail Cyber Security Summit in 2015 and 2016, we introduce to you the European Rail Cyber Security Working Group, proposed by key stakeholders from our community. The focus of the working group will be to provide a unique face to face, brainstorming platform for those involved in cyber securing rail infrastructure, both IT and OT, to formulate actionable takeaways that can assist in developing a cohesive European vision for the industry moving forward.

Modernising Signalling Design Through Improved Asset Data Capture and Management

Just 58 days until the 4th Annual Asset Information and Data Management Smart Rail conference takes place in London on June 14th.

Sagacity Media are pleased to announce David Shipman, Innovations Engineering Manager, Network Rail, will be joining us discussing “Modernising Signalling Design Through Improved Asset Data Capture and Management.”

Mr Shipman’s presentation will include insight such as;

•New trainborne equipment can capture high-accuracy footage from which railway assets can be identified and captured in an asset data model,

•The asset model forms the base plan for developing new signalling schemes and can be analysed, modified and extended using a suite of design tools utilised both in-house and by suppliers.

•New signalling assets can be overlaid onto the captured footage using virtual reality techniques, and the asset data model updated accordingly.

•This enables the automation of processes such as Signal Sighting within the safety of the office environment instead of the operational railway.

•As a result, there is a significant reduction in safety risk for lineside workers, as well as improving project costs and timescales.

Now in its 4th year, the theme of this year’s show is “Transforming rail asset management through data-driven intelligence.” We have a key focus on innovation and a unique programme lined up for this powerful one-day conference.

Confirmed speakers include Transport for London, HS2, Network Rail, Decami, Costain, SNCF, UIC, 8Power, European Railway Agency, Institute of Railway Engineering and Transport Economy, Graz University of Technology, Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG, Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction, University of Cambridge and more.


4th Annual
Asset Information and Data Management for Smart Rail
June 14 2017 London United Kingdom
Millennium Gloucester Hotel
Co-Sponsored by Costain
Register while places remain

Exhibitor space incentives are available until May 1st on a first come first serve basis. We also have options for sponsored Lunch, Drinks and Coffee Breaks available for a limited time only. Contact or call 44 (0)207 096 5081

2nd annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity Nuclear Summit to take place in Birchwood



Warrington chosen to host international nuclear conference
2nd annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity Nuclear Summit to take place in Birchwood

Warrington is set to host the second annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity Nuclear Summit on 22nd – 24th May 2017.

Taking place at The Centre, Birchwood Park, the two-day conference will cover pressing cyber security challenges in the nuclear industry, including managing supply chains, preparing for the Internet of Things (IoT) and what public/private partnerships could mean for the sector.

The event, which is aimed at an international audience, will be structured around presentations and debate from some of the world’s leading cyber security experts and authorities in nuclear security.

Past presenters have included the IAEA, ONR, NDA, BEIS, Engie, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, Horizon Nuclear, EDF and Honeywell.

Discussing the conference, event organiser James Nesbitt, Founder of the Cyber Senate said: “The security landscape is changing and the way we protect the safety, reliability and stability of our critical nuclear infrastructure must change with it.

“This event will address several key areas such as how to reduce vulnerability, detect threats and how IT and operational technology can work in synergy to defend nuclear assets. It will also cover wider issues in the industry, such as the growing skills gap. We’ve brought together an impressive range of world experts on these topics who will be sharing best practice and providing insight as to what the future may hold for this sector.”

“Warrington is home to a number of organisations in the nuclear industry, including Sellafield Ltd, AMEC Nuclear, NNL and Rolls Royce Nuclear, so holding the conference here felt like a natural step. These are big issues that affect not just the security of businesses, but of whole nations and events like these are an important way to share best practice and plan for the future.”


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“Current Reporting on the Cyber Attack in Ukraine Resulting in Power Outage”

This post was written by Michael J. Assante, SANS ICS Director

“There have been a small number of reports describing a power outage in Eastern Ukraine on the day before Christmas Eve. What makes these reports unique is the cited cause of the outage. A small number of sources in Russia and Ukraine indicate the electrical outage was caused by a cyber attack, specifically a virus from an outside source. I am skeptical as the referenced outage has been hard to substantiate and the cause surfaced relatively quickly (normally, determining root cause analysis of an incident takes time especially when it pertains to activity on the network).” Read more


The Cyber Senate are pleased to announce the IAEA will be joining us as Key Note presenters on the Industrial Control Cyber Security Nuclear conference we will be hosting in Warrington UK, May 24-25th 2016.

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