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We are a research driven, independent events media organiser, providing first class, exclusive networking opportunities for the B2B industry. Our vision is simple: Content is King. Our events deliver high value, topical insight and solutions to pressing industry challenges through interactive Conferences, Training courses, Webinars, Roadshows and exclusive Directors Clubs. We work diligently to deliver the best in public and private information sharing platforms for next generation infrastructure.

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  • I was reflecting on the day on the train back and have to say it was an excellent event and I wish you all the best with the efforts. There is a huge potential and I commend you for booking good speakers.. I have made recommendations to my security colleagues that this is one to look out for as one with better structure and content than other conferences.

    Henrik Magnusson -Enterprise Architect, SSE, Scottish and Southern Energy

  • “A great job organizing an event that is distinct from other cyber security events I have been to! I will definitely come to the next one.” Privacy & Security advisor | Governance, Risk & Compliance

    Johan Rambi, Alliander

  • I agree with you about the different approach of the current CBTC conference and I like Sagacity Media's approach (from engineering/implementation perspective) more than other CBTC events, last March was absolutely inspiring!

    Rob de Vries, ProSpoor

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  • Industrial control cybersecurity Europe September 29th and 30th 2015
  • Industrial control cybersecurity USA October 6th and 7th Sacramento California 2015
  • Asset information and data management for Smart Rail
  • CBTC London March 5th conference

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The convergence of technology and infrastructure provides exponential benefits for the Rail sector

The convergence of technology and infrastructure has the ability to transform our communities and economy, reduce emissions as well provide an opportunity for business leaders to optimise asset performance and reduce cost.

Asset information and data management will allow more precise decisions to be made to balance cost, risk and performance, supporting operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Senior Smart Rail leaders will convene in London on June 23rd 2015 to address how the European rail sector are developing and implementing asset information strategies, managing data across multiple disparate systems and leveraging new technologies to succeed.

Authoritative insight will be provided by Key Note speakers from London Underground, presenting “A data driven future for the digital railway,” where they will elaborate further on the growing opportunity to integrate digitally, BIM Execution, developments and the launching of BIM Level 1, uplifting to Level 2- Building Information Modelling Mandate, digital collaboration within the supply chain, generating value through digital integration, and who the key stakeholders in that integration are and the role of technology adoption.

Further additions to the program include SBB Infrastructure, Crossrail, Network Rail, Prorail, Strukton Rail, Metro Madrid and Arkessa.

For further information visit www.railassetinformation.com

Sagacity Media Ltd is an independent, content driven event organiser based in the United Kingdom. We specialise in public and private information sharing platforms for next generation infrastructure.

CBTC events: London FOCUSED on CBTC in March 2015

A interview extract with Doc Frank, provided by Railway Signalling EU. Doc Frank will be speaking on March 5th discussing Australian developments at the Sagacity Media 2nd annual CBTC conference.

For the full transcript visit


DF: Yes, but not only that. If you look at the global conferences for CBTC, London is hands down the centre of the world. I know of only two conferences on CBTC worldwide at present, and they are both held in London. There is the CBTC World Congress in November  which has become quite big, with hundreds of delegates from all over the world. In March, there is a smaller conference on CBTC, but of very high quality regarding speakers and attendees, which I think is a must to attend (http://railcontrolsystems.com/). That one is on the fifth of March, and the week after, there is that big event Metro Rail 2015 which I also consider very important from a CBTC perspective. So I can do two conferences and my seminar with just one overseas trip, which is perfect for me.
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“U.K. Power Grid is Under Attack From Hackers Every Minute, Says Parliament”

“U.K. Power Grid is Under Attack From Hackers Every Minute, Says Parliament”

Article Credits By Jillian Ward Jan 9, 2015 12:01 AM GMT @bloombergbusiness


Photographer: Jason Alden/Bloomberg Commercial buildings are seen illuminated at night in the Canary Wharf business and financial district in London, U.K. Britain’s electricity transmission network is constantly subject to cyber-attack and threats to infrastructure will remain high over the next few months, the nation’s Computer Emergency Response Team statistics show. Close

The U.K. government is one step ahead of hackers trying to turn off the country’s lights — for now.

The prospect of cyber-attacks on the nation’s power network is a major threat to the country’s security, according to James Arbuthnot, a member of parliament who chaired the Defense Select Committee until last year. He plans to visit National Grid Plc (NG/) next month to discuss the issue.
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